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The voyages on the Canals and Inland Waterways of Great Britain of a disparate group, the only thing in common being that at one time or another they were (or are still) members of the Cambridge & District Amateur radio Club (one exception, Adrian).   Sadly as at March 2017 we have lost touch with 3 former crew members and two are deceased.  Simon had emigrated to Canada from where he sent his memories, see below year selection table.

Three of the six remaining crew are becoming a drain on the NHS, it is hoped that we can fund a couple of carers in future years so that we can continue this epic story.  Ideal candidates would be around 30 years old, female, short skirts and suspenders not at all necessary, but helpful, as Martin would point out.


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Click here for latest updated database of the trips, HAMS AFLOAT, in PDF format.  It is now thought to be correct, please let me know if you find any errors or omissions.

Click here for memories from Simon..  Present or past crew members are also very welcome to send in memories, specific years attached to year pages, general, like Simon's will appear on this front page.

WARNING :- Spouse, Children and Grandchildren must be prepared to see their Partner, Parent or Grandparent in a new light after reading and looking at some of the photographs.  My hope in doing this site is that the group members will have happy memories flooding back and help add more over the coming months and years.  Small amount of "Adult Content".

Eating on-board prepared meals and drinking "Real Ale" will feature a lot, for these are the attraction of a narrowboat holiday for us.  The photographs show the wonderful legacy that has been left for us all to discover.   Oh...and a little bit of what is the greatest hobby in the world, Amateur Radio.  For more information visit the Radio Society of Great Britain

Also visit CDARC Contesting and Outdoor activities site (like this site always under construction)

I very much hope that visitors enjoy the pictures and notes.  Visit back from time to time, the last significant update is shown at the bottom of the page, minor improvements and correction are not listed.  Make sure you refresh your browser (CTRL + F5) so that any changes can be seen.

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